About Carl

Here is something about Carl and his world in Danish (!). Plus a lot of photos.

About Adoption

What is adoption? We have tried to explain adoption to children. Adults are welcome to read these pages in Danish.

About South Korea

For some really good reasons, we think South Korea is an awesome country. Here is something in Danish for children and adults.





Annyong haseyo ...

means hello in Korean.

Welcome to the Web page of Carl and his family.

You will find information about Carl, his adoption, his family and his everyday life.

Carl was born in South Korea in 2004, which was the Year of the Ape ... there is something Curious George about him once in a while.

When Carl grows up, he wants to become either a firefighter or a policeman. We believe he should become a rocket scientist, a professional football player or a welder.

The family consists of Carl, Lisa and Jan, mom and dad, respectively.

Plus Carl's great imaginary world populated by Pororo, Thomas the Tank Engine, Lunar Jim, Snoopy, Brum and many, many others.

Our site has not been translated into English. The reason for that is that these pages are intended for a Danish audience.

That said, the content of the site is no secret.

We discovered that there was nothing in Danish about adoption explained to non-adopted children.

Carl's same-age play pals have started making remarks and asking questions (why has he small eyes? are you his real mom and dad?). That is totally normal.  There was nothing unpleasant about these remarks and questions. Children are soundly curious.

So because there was nothing in writing for kids, we created this site where children - together with their parents - can get some answers to their questions. We hope.

We have posted special information for parents, urging them to read them before they browse the site together with the child/children. The Danish language page is Adoption - >  For Voksne.

Once they have read these, they can have a look at the children-firendly (we hope) page about adoption Adoption - >  For BÝrn.

Here are some of examples of what we have in the adoption-explained-to-children section:

        • Imagine you have a pet animal - a hamster, a bird, a dog or a cat. One day, your mom and dad tell you that the whole family is moving. However, pet animals are not allowed in the new place. Or your dad tells you that he is allergic to animal. You're heartbroken because you cannot keep your pet. What will you do? You will certainly try to give your animal to a caring and loving family. And although you cannot keep the pet, you always love it. And you know that the family will love it and take care of it.

        • A lot of children in Denmark were born in other countries. Do you know someone who was born abroad?

        • Carl has play pals who were born in China, on the Faeroe Islands, in the United States and in France. Others have roots in the Middle East and in Africa. Carl was born in South Korea. He knows that.

        • The woman that had Carl in her tummy could not take care of him. That is why he was handed over to his foster family. After they took care of him for seven months, we traveled to Seoul to pick him up. That is to adopt a child. Carl is adopted.

        • One day, Carl and the other children in kindergarten talked during lunch. "I have been in my mom's tummy," one child said. "Me too," another kid added. Do you know what Carl said? "I haven't, I have been in my Korean mom's tummy." The other children thought that was a good answer.

        • Carl is a lucky dude. He has three sets of parents: his Korean tummy mom and father, his foster family and his mom and daddy. We all love Carl.

While parents read the text, the children can glance at the photos on the right-hand side of the page ...can you recognize Carl? The shots were taken when he was two, days, a month and six month, respectively.

Another children-friendly page is about South Korea -> Om Sydkorea


We also have links to Adoptive Families, a U.S. site which has two folders to be handed out in schools - one for the children and one for the teacher,

Also, a private U.S. Web site created by Roberta Rosenberg who has listed stupid questions about adoption. It is worth reading "Roberta's Top 14 List of Stupid/Nosy Questions (and possible answers)."


Carl who holds a carrot here, loves to be photographed. And to eat healthy!! Sweets is no good, he says. But, he loves chocolate.

One of Carl's works from his early period.



In 2006, we traveled back to Seoul to visit the foster family. An article about that trip was published in the magazine of the Korean adoptees' association. An English version is available here.